bar bag


Q1: Does the bag fit my bars?
A1: The Bar Bag fits on most scooter bars including:
T-bars (Affinity, Proto, etc...)
Y-Bars (TSI TV bars, Digger Bars, Tilt Sentry, etc...)

Q2: How much does the bag weigh and what are its dimensions?
A2: The bag weighs 1.0 ounce (0.0625 lbs) empty. Depending on how many items you put inside your bag, it can vary anywhere from 1.0 oz to 10.0 oz.
The bag is 7" tall, 2" wide, and 3" deep. It also takes up 3 inches on your crossbar starting from the down tube.

Q3: How much does the bag affect my riding (For example, barspins)?
A3: After lots of testing, jumping large staircases or doing big drops while throwing barspin type tricks, the bag didn't affect riding performance. The bag is neatly tucked close to the middle of the bars so that when doing barspins you do not catch your hand on the bag.

Q4: What fits inside the bag?
A4: The most common items that one could put inside the bag would be Allen wrenches or other small tools, money and credit cards, fingerboards, lighters, fold-able knives, med-tainers, headphones, small pieces of wax, e-cigarettes or vapes.
Unfortunately, your phone does not fit (by design) because if it did, your phone would get damaged if the scooter were to fall.

Q5: What side do I place my bag on?
A5: The side that you put your bag on is completely preferential. Our team riders that throw bar spins with their right hand (right hand dominant) usually like their bag to be on the left hand side (catching hand side).

Q6: How durable is the Bar Bag?
A6: After a lot of testing, the bag can withstand drops from high places (staircases, walls), accidental strain (pulling on the bag) and much more abuse.

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